High-Fidelity Class-D Installation Amplifiers

APEX CloudPower CP354 Installation Amplifier

CloudPower Series


  • 4 channel Class-D installation amplifiers
  • Fully integrated DSP
  • GlidePath architecture for ultra-low distortion
  • True Cone Excursion for extended speaker life
  • Secure remote control / monitoring in the cloud
  • Wired LAN Ethernet connection
  • Web UI with built-in WiFi hotspot
  • Ultra-quiet airflow management
  • Unique internal streaming source
  • Several networking options
  • Drive low impedance and 70/100v speakers
  • Deploy networked or standalone
  • High visibility OLED display
  • Slimline 1U chassis
  • High efficiency and low idle power
  • Universal power supply & PFC
Cloud Control

Cloud Power

Add value for your clients by monitoring and controlling CloudPower amplifiers anytime, anywhere over the APEX Cloud via secure connection. Keep tabs on multiple amps from your favourite device with our super-intuitive IntelliCloud Web UI. IntelliCloud is browser-based, so there are no software download hassles, and fans of our IntelliWare package will immediately recognise the smooth, streamlined workflows.


GlidePath ™

CloudPower is founded on our proprietary GlidePath architecture, with DSP and amplifier circuits fully integrated for outstanding performance. GlidePath employs DC coupling throughout the signal path, dramatically reducing the time offsets and distortion associated with AC coupling. The result: crisper, punchier bass and brighter, more natural high frequencies, delivering superb intelligibility and higher perceived volume.​

True Cone Excursion

True Cone Excursion​

GlidePath’s ultra-precise reproduction of high transients manages speaker cone excursion, consistently delivering higher output under a short initial impulse and significantly reducing trail output after the signal stops in head-to-head tests against mainstream Class-D amplifiers. The result: less distortion, higher perceived volume and reduced mechanical wear on speakers.​

Universal Power

Universal Power

CloudPower is ready to serve worldwide from 100-240VAC. Active Power Factor correction ensures efficient use of the mains power system. All models feature both remote and front panel on off switching and detachable mains cables.

Low Fan Noise

Quietly Efficient

CloudPower amplifiers are engineered to not draw attention to themselves, even in the most audiophile environments. We employ up to eight tiny micro-fans to virtually eliminate annoying fan noise and maintain efficient cooling.

Spotify and AirPlay streaming

Internal Streaming Source

CloudPower is the first amplifier in its class with an integrated audio source and streaming capability, allowing easy streaming of background music from devices running apps such as Spotify or AirPlay.

3 Ways to Connect

Connect & Control Your Way

  1. WiFi Hotspot – every CloudPower amplifier features a built-in access point
  2. Wired IP – connect securely over a wired Local Area Network Ethernet connection
  3. Hands-on front panel control with touch ‘n turn rotary control and high visibility OLED display

White Paper

Our White Paper details the results of head-to-head laboratory testing of CloudPower alongside another industry standard Class-D amplifier. The findings confirm feedback from listening tests with leading audio professionals: our GlidePath™️ direct drive technology results in far less distortion and minimizes cone excursion under dynamic impulses.

CloudPower GlidePath White Paper

Application examples


In this bar example, the two rooms are each equipped with their own speaker system comprising of a bar zone with ceiling mount loudspeakers and a dancing area with a stereo set of full range loudspeakers. Each of the systems is able to play any of the selected analog sources. The level can be easily adjusted via the front panel control or via an optional external computer.

Restaurant with Karaoke Area

In this restaurant example, the four rooms are each equipped with their own speaker system comprising of a bar zone with full range loudspeakers, a Karaoke area with a small PA system, a restaurant with ceiling loudspeakers and the rest rooms, also equipped with ceiling loudspeakers. Each of the systems is able to play any of the selected analog or digital sources. The IntelliWare web based software has a powerful group function, so changes for every zone can be made from the central computer.


In this museum example, all the zones are equipped with their own speaker and amplifier system. The CloudPower devices are connected to a central switch with standard network cabling. Settings can be done with either the central local computer or from a remote location over the internet. Fine tuning can be done with any mobile device connected to an amp’s hotspot.

Technical Specifications