Cost-efficient system management for fixed installations

With its 4 in/8 out configuration, integral mixer and selectable analogue/AES-3 I/O, the Intelli-Z² is a powerful system management solution specifically for use in fixed installations where front panel operation is not needed or desirable. Based on the proven Intelli-X² design, Intelli-Z² dispenses with front displays and controls, allowing access to Intelli-Series processing at an unprecedented price point. Easy, comprehensive control is achieved over APEX’s acclaimed Intelli-Ware software with integral analyser-bridge.


Intelli- Z² is designed for roles including signal routing and distribution, room equalisation, speaker and driver time alignment and crossover implementation in fixed installation and cinema applications where on the fly front panel operation is not required.

Key features


The Intelli-series is packed with all the system management tools necessary for comprehensive system alignment and EQ, through to the provision of IIR and custom FIR based crossovers.


Intelli-Z² is designed to interface easily into any Ethernet network via internal 3-way Ethernet switches. Both automatic IP (DHCP) and static IP configuration is provided as standard for plug ‘n play connectivity.


Four sync options are available: Wordclock, AES A/B, AES C/D and internal. Intelli-Z² manages synchronisation through a three-tiered redundancy approach, ensuring that if any sync source is lost, the unit will automatically revert to another (as defined by the user) ensuring no loss in audio.


Intelli-Z² I/O is selectable in pairs as analogue, AES/EBU or Dante audio network, allowing a mix of audio formats to be accommodated simultaneously.

192 KHZ

Featuring internal processing selectable from 44.1kHz to 192 kHz, Intelli-Z² provides full compatibility with both standard and high-end sample rate formats. Switchable convertors are provided on the inputs, making it easy to work with equipment operating at different sample rates.


Intelli-Ware provides fast, intuitive control for Intelli-Series hardware from touch, tablet and tethered PCs. The interface uses simplified menus and icons for rapid access to all parameters. Intelli-Ware also offers comprehensive system-wide ganging, copy/paste and data management facilities, allowing complex configurations to be configured, presented and stored efficiently and intuitively. The software is accessible from multiple devices simultaneously.

Technical information