CloudPower CP716D 16 channel installation amplifier with Dante


CloudPower CP716D


CloudPower CP716D is a 16 x 700W Class D installation amplifier with integral Dante, created for immersive spaces and installations involving numerous separate zones. 


CloudPower CP716D


CloudPower CP716D 16 channel installation amplifier with Dante

CloudPower CP716D is 16 x 700W Class D installation amplifier, created for immersive spaces and installations involving numerous separate zones. 


  • 16 x 700W installation amplifier
  • Comprehensive DSP tools
  • Integral 16 x 16 Dante audio networking
  • 4 analogue inputs
  • IntelliCloud remote setup / control WebUI
  • Built-in WiFi hotspot
  • Drive low impedance or 70/100v loudspeakers
  • High-efficiency, low idle power
  • GlidePath architecture for ultra-low distortion
  • True Cone Excursion for extended speaker life
  • Secure remote control / monitoring in the cloud
  • Wired LAN Ethernet connection
  • Unique internal streaming source
  • Deploy networked or standalone
  • Daylight-visible OLED display
  • Slimline 1U chassis
  • High efficiency and low idle power
  • Universal power supply & active PFC

Immersive Power

CloudPower CP716D is the ultimate immersive amplifier, offering a unique combination of power, high input / output count and Dante networking to meet the demands of applications where multi-channel audio content and large numbers of separate loudspeakers combine to create unforgettable experiences.

Dante™ Spoken Here

CP716D features an integral 96kHz, 16 x 16 Dante module for easy integration with Dante networks. Primary and Secondary networking ports provide redundancy, while 4 analogue input channels can be configured as fallback sources for further peace of mind.

Cloud Control

Cloud Power

Add value for your clients by securely monitoring and controlling CloudPower amplifiers anytime, anywhere over the APEX Cloud. Keep tabs on multiple amps from your favourite device with the super-intuitive IntelliCloud Web UI. IntelliCloud employs streamlined, linear workflows and is browser-based, so there are no software download hassles.

APEX CloiudPower CP716D Immersive Amplifier Rear Panel


CloudPower is founded on APEX’s proprietary GlidePath architecture, with DSP and amplifier circuits fully integrated for outstanding performance. GlidePath employs DC coupling throughout the signal path, dramatically reducing the time offsets and distortion associated with AC coupling. Thanks to GlidePath, CloudPower amplifiers deliver crisper, punchier bass and brighter, more natural high frequencies, superior intelligibility, and higher perceived volume.

True Cone Excursion

True Cone Excursion

GlidePath’s ultra-precise reproduction of high transients manages speaker cone excursion, consistently delivering higher output under a short initial impulse and significantly reducing trail output after the signal stops in head-to-head tests against mainstream Class-D amplifiers. The result: less distortion, higher perceived volume and reduced mechanical wear on speakers.

Universal Power

Universal Power

CloudPower CP716D is ready to serve worldwide from 100-240VAC. Active Power Factor Correction ensures efficient use of the mains power system. The amplifier features both remote and front panel on off switching and a detachable mains cable.



CP716D amplifiers can be securely monitored and controlled anytime, anywhere over the APEX Cloud using the super-intuitive IntelliCloud web UI.  Streamlined new views allow users to comfortably monitor high channel count immersive applications employing multiple amplifiers.

3 Ways to Connect

Connect & Control Your Way

  1. WiFi Hotspot – every CloudPower amplifier features a built-in access point
  2. Wired IP – connect securely over a wired Local Area Network Ethernet connection
  3. Hands-on front panel control with touch ‘n turn rotary control and high visibility OLED display

Technical Specifications