Sports venues


Sports venues need to deliver a great audio experience to every fan, wherever they are seated. Music and announcements keep the crowds informed and excited as the sporting action unfolds. Many sports facilities have challenging acoustics, while the need to stay across an audio system that spans a vast area can keep the AV team on toes. Despite the size of the venue, the space allocated to audio-visual racks is often limited.
Install amplifiers for sports venues


CloudPower 4 channel installation amplifiers all feature comprehensive DSP, giving the integrator a full toolkit of system management resources to tame the acoustics and maximise intelligibility in every seating area. CloudPower can be controlled and monitored remotely, allowing the integrator or AV team to keep an eye on the system from their devices, wherever they may be. CloudPower amplifiers employ APEX’s proprietary GlidePath architecture, resulting in punchier bass and brighter, more natural high frequencies. GlidePath’s ultra-precise reproduction of high transients manages speaker cone excursion, resulting in less distortion, higher perceived volume and reduced mechanical wear on speakers. As a next-generation Class-D design, even the 4x 3000W CP3004 model only occupies a single unit of precious rack space.

Case Studies

Speedway Stadium, Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland

Tommex was commissioned to upgrade the audio system at the motorcycle speedway venue in the city of Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland. With plenty of noise on and off the track, the system needed to deliver high SPL and excellent speech intelligibility. Four CloudPower CP1504 amplifiers were installed to serve 32 speakers around the venue. CloudPower’s IntelliCloud WebUI saved time and legwork during setup, allowing the Tommex team to adjust amplifier and DSP settings from anywhere in the stadium. 

Recommended Products


  • 4 channel Class-D amplifiers
  • 350W – 3000W per channel
  • Fully integrated DSP
  • Secure remote control/monitoring in the cloud