Manage and control CloudPower amplifiers anytime, anywhere over the APEX Cloud via secure connection, using the super-intuitive IntelliCloud web UI.  

Web Based

IntelliCloud is browser-based, meaning there is no need to download any software. Users can access IntelliCloud from any of their phone, tablet, laptop or desktop (iOS, Windows, Android).


The IntelliCloud WebUI is accessible from multiple devices , allowing several users to monitor + adjust the system simultaneously. Settings are stored in the cloud, making it easy to access to real-time information.

One Page - Multiple Units

IntelliCloud offers an intuitive, at-a-glance overview of all CloudPower devices. No need to juggle multiple different links or logins – you can manage and control all CloudPower amplifiers from a single page.

Easy to Use

APEX is passionate about creating intuitive interfaces that make life easier for the user. To put it another way, we hate fiddly menus and confusing layouts as much as you do! IntelliCloud has won praise from integrators for its friendly, self-explanatory interface. All functions and presets are accessible in the blink of an eye.


Released in December 2023, V1.3.3 builds on the major V1.3.R release, adding Bridge mode for the sixteen channel CP716D,  a range of status monitoring features, plus amplifier stage power on/off (standby) switching in the Output page. 

V1.3.R added full support for 4 and 16 channel Dante modules, plus full support for the sixteen channel CloudPower CP716D,  together with numerous bug fixes and enhancements based on user feedback. We strongly advise that all CloudPower amplifiers should be updated to the latest firmware version for optimal functionality, performance and stability.


NEW IN V1.3.3
  • Bridge mode added for CP716D
  • Status page added to IntelliCloud WebUI Settings tab 
  • Status icon added to IntelliCloud WebUI upper pane for fast access 
  • Status monitoring features: Temperature, Module Power Status (active/standby), Over Temperature Protection, Mains Voltage
  • Amplifier stage power ON/OFF (standby) added to Settings / Output page
  • WebUI top channel background color reflects status