Schools, universities and colleges are the ultimate flexible, multi-purpose venues, hosting a wealth of spoken word, sports, social and music events in a wide variety of spaces. Education facilities expect to invest in systems that give many years of faithful service, and which are easy to operate for staff and students to operate.
AV solutions for education


CloudPower channel installation amplifiers are available in a wide range of power ratings, suitable for anything from a lecture theatre to a live performance space or a full campus. CloudPower offers remote control and monitoring from any device using the IntelliCloud WebUI, allowing the system to be easily reconfigured for different events and permitting the integrator to remotely monitor system performance for their education clients. CloudPower also features clear, simple hands-on operation, making it easy for non-technical users to select sources and adjust levels. Like all APEX products, CloudPower is designed and built in Belgium to exacting standards and can be expected to deliver trouble-free performance over many years, and as the IntelliCloud software is browser based there are no concerns about support for different operating systems in the long term.

Application example

In this example, all the zones are equipped with their own speaker and amplifier system. The CloudPower devices are connected to a central switch with standard network cabling. Settings can be done with either the central local computer or from a remote location over the internet. Fine tuning can be done with any mobile device connected to an amp’s hotspot.

Recommended Products


  • 4 channel Class-D amplifiers
  • 350W – 3000W per channel
  • Fully integrated DSP
  • Secure remote control/monitoring in the cloud

CloudPower CP716D

  • 16 channel Class-D amplifier
  • 16 x 700W
  • 16 x 16 Dante audio networking
  • Remote control IntelliCloud WebUI