APEX CloudPower Series

CloudPower 4ch Amplifiers

APEX’s CloudPower Class D installation amplifiers deliver superior audio performance thanks to their GlidePath architecture. Other innovations include remote control over the Cloud and a unique internal streaming source.
APEX CloudPower CP716D sixteen channel installation amplifier

CloudPower CP716D 16ch Amplifier

CloudPower CP716D offers 16 x 700W in a compact 1U format, making it a perfect fir for immersive spaces and installations involving numerous separate zones. 16 x 16 Dante audio networking provided as standard.
IntelliCloud WebUI for CloudPower installation amplifiers

IntelliCloud WebUI

Manage and control multiple CloudPower amplifiers anytime, anywhere over the APEX Cloud. IntelliCloud is browser-based, allowing easy control from any device. The logical, linear workflow feels instantly familiar.