Today’s audiences expect excellent audio quality, and this is just as true when they watch a live performance as when they listen to their favourite tunes on their designer headphones. Even the best PA system requires careful fine tuning to ensure that the investment in quality loudspeakers translates into a great audio experience throughout the venue.


CloudPower amplifiers employ APEX’s proprietary GlidePath architecture, resulting in punchier bass and brighter, more natural high frequencies.​ GlidePath’s ultra-precise reproduction of high transients manages speaker cone excursion, resulting in less distortion, higher perceived volume and reduced mechanical wear on speakers.​ With four models in the range, CloudPower can equip anything from an intimate jazz club to a rock arena.

Intelli-X3 is a dedicated system management processor, equipped with all the tools needed to ensure optimal audio performance from the speakers in the most challenging live music spaces, including comprehensive system alignment and EQ, through to the provision of IIR and custom FIR based crossovers.

Recommended Products


  • 4 channel Class-D amplifiers
  • 350W – 3000W per channel
  • Fully integrated DSP
  • Secure remote control/monitoring in the cloud