Audio solutions in bars and restaurants need to be flexible enough to handle anything from gentle background music to lively celebrations and even small performances, with independent control required over the different areas of the venue.

High turnover of staff and the demands of caring for the customers mean that AV control in hospitality environments needs to be super-intuitive, and business owners will want to know that everything is running as planned, even when they are offsite.
Bar and Restaurant AV systems


CloudPower four channel amplifiers are perfect for hospitality environments, with full DSP ensuring optimal audio quality throughout the building. The amplifiers are available in four power ratings and can drive both low impedance and 70/100v speakers. CloudPower can be monitored and controlled remotely from any device and also offers hassle-free hands-on operation, while an internal audio source allows audio streaming direct to the amplifier.

CloudPower CP716D provides a compact, cost-effective option for bars and restaurants with many separate zones. CloudPower CP716D delivers 16 x 700W and features integral 16 x 16 Dante audio networking.

Case Studies

AURA Luxury Hybrid Bar - New Delhi, India

White Eagle Entertainment installed APEX CloudPower amplifiers at the heart of a complete new audio system at AURA in New Delhi. Forming part of New Delhiā€™s iconic The Claridges hotel, AURA is a high-energy luxury hybrid bar, offering live entertainment, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.


In this bar example, the two rooms are each equipped with their own speaker system comprising of a bar zone with ceiling mount loudspeakers and a dancing area with a stereo set of full range loudspeakers. Each of the systems is able to play any of the selected analog sources. The level can be easily adjusted via the front panel control or via an optional external computer.

Recommended Products


  • 4 channel Class-D amplifiers
  • 350W – 3000W per channel
  • Fully integrated DSP
  • Secure remote control/monitoring in the cloud

CloudPower CP716D

  • 16 channel Class-D amplifier
  • 16 x 700W
  • 16 x 16 Dante audio networking
  • Remote control IntelliCloud WebUI