The APEX mission can be summed up in just two words: simple innovation. We’re excited by new technologies and the potential to create smarter, more efficient, more powerful professional audio solutions. As our amplifiers become ever more sophisticated, at the same time we’re constantly seeking to streamline and simplify the user experience, refining our interfaces and making sure that real-world users can achieve excellent results quickly and easily.

Our CloudPower Class D amplifiers are built on proprietary GlidePath direct drive technology, delivering demonstrably superior audio performance both in the lab and in listening tests. As the name suggests, CloudPower amplifiers can be remotely monitored and controlled over the cloud using our IntelliCloud WebUI. Staying true to our design philosophy, IntelliCloud follows a linear, logical workflow that attracts praise from integrators and end users. CloudPower has also won its fair share of awards, including a coveted AV Award for Audio Product of the Year.  

We’re proud to develop, assemble and rigorously test every APEX product right here in Belgium. By controlling every stage of the product’s life from concept to aftersales support, we can be sure that each amplifier bearing the APEX name upholds our reputation for build and audio quality. APEX and CloudPower are represented by a fast-growing partnership of value-added distribution partners, helping Belgian innovation to reach global pro AV markets.   

APEX is owned by Giva Audiovisual Technologies BV and is part of the Community Europe Group.

APEX SMA-2 modules being loaded into a CloudPower amplifier
APEX CloudPower IntelliCloud software
CloudPower 4 channel installation amplifiers