The APEX mission can be summed up in just two words: simple innovation. We’re excited by new technologies and the potential to create smarter, more efficient, more powerful solutions for pro audio and AV. As our products become ever more sophisticated, at the same time we’re constantly seeking to streamline and simplify the user experience, refining our interfaces and making sure that real-world users can achieve excellent results quickly and easily.

We’re proud to develop, assemble and rigorously test every APEX product right here in Belgium. By controlling every stage of the product’s life from concept to aftersales support, we can be sure that each product bearing the APEX name upholds our reputation for build and audio quality.

The latest addition to our range is CloudPower – an award-winning series of 4-channel installation amplifiers, built on our proprietary GlidePath direct drive technology. As the name suggests, CloudPower amplifiers can be remotely monitored and controlled over the cloud using our super-intuitive IntelliCloud webUI.

Our Liviau range is a refreshing new take on AV control, combining audio, video and lighting in an elegantly simple touchscreen. Liviau has been welcomed into conference and meeting rooms, retail outlets, restaurants, clubs and other environments requiring hassle-free control.  

APEX is also renowned for the pioneering Intelli-Series of system management processors. With their rock-solid build quality and intuitive IntelliWare software, Intelli-X3 and Intelli-X2 units can be spotted in the rack on international tours and in prestigious installations around the world.