Audio plays an important in retail outlets and malls, relaying announcements and promotions as well as creating ambience. Busy retail staff do not necessarily have the time or skills to operate complex systems, so secure, intuitive solutions are a must. All of this needs to be accommodated in a minimal footprint as retail space needs to be selling, not housing bulky audio-visual gear.

Retail AV solutions
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CloudPower installation amplifiers can be easily controlled both remotely or from the front panel, so trusted staff can make basic level changes if desired, while owners or integrators can monitor and adjust the system remotely via the IntelliCloud WebUI. Content can be streamed direct to the amplifier via Spotify or AirPlay, providing a simple BGM option. All CloudPower amplifiers occupy a single rack unit and multiple amps can be networked, providing a scalable solution for any retail environment. The 16 channel CloudPower CP716D features 16×16 Dante networking as standard and is a natural solution for retail scenarios involving many separate zones. 

Recommended Products


  • 4 channel Class-D amplifiers
  • 350W – 3000W per channel
  • Fully integrated DSP
  • Secure remote control/monitoring in the cloud

CloudPower CP716D

  • 16 channel Class-D amplifier
  • 16 x 700W
  • 16 x 16 Dante audio networking
  • Remote control IntelliCloud WebUI