Providing a focal point for sporting life in the Swedish coastal city of Karlskrona, NKT Arena Karlskrona hosts ice hockey, curling, badminton, tennis, gymnastics, swimming, and handball events. The audio system refresh in the arena’s secondary ice rink was sparked by the need for a new fire alarm system.

The installation project was led by Ola Corneliusson from integrator, Assemblin El AB, supported by technical consultant, Björn Lilja Faxhag. The Assemblin El team quickly identified wider opportunities to improve the audio experience for competitors and spectators. A number of Bose 802 loudspeakers and 502 subs were repurposed from the main hall, creating the need for a new amplification and system processing solution.


Swedish distributor, Intersonic AB introduced Corneliusson to APEX’s CloudPower remotely managed amplifiers, which had only recently become available in Sweden. Four CloudPower CP704 models were chosen for the project, each providing 4 x 700W and a comprehensive suite of system processing tools. All CloudPower amplifiers can be set up and monitored remotely over the cloud from a device running APEX’s IntelliCloud WebUI.

“We needed powerful amplifiers with built-in DSP which could fit into the very limited rack space available,” explains Björn Lilja Faxhag. “CloudPower CP704 gave us the features we needed in a single rack unit each, and at the right price point. The ability to control multiple amplifiers from a web browser proved to be a big time-saver for us because we could stand on the ice, listen to the system and adjust the DSP. This was much more efficient than running backwards and forwards to the control room, where you cannot hear the loudspeakers.”

A Yamaha MTX3 matrix processor was selected to route all announcements, music sources and other audio signals in the hall. 

Project Details

Karlskrona. Sweden

Sports Venues

Assemblin EI

APEX products
4 x CloudPower CP704 amplifiers

Other equipment: 

Bose 802 loudspeakers (repurposed)

Bose 502 subs (repurposed)

Yamaha MTX3 matrix processor