Melching Field at Conrad Park is home to the Stetson University Hatters, a Division I baseball team. It is also used by DeLand High School and numerous recreation teams. The facility is owned by the City of DeLand and managed in partnership by the city and Stetson University Athletics. 

Melching Field at Conrad Park opened in 1999. 23 years later, the facility was well overdue for renovations. As part of an $8 million renovation project the City of DeLand Parks and Recreation enlisted the help of Entertainment Arts Inc [EAI], an Orlando-based AV integration and production company, to design a new AV system from the ground up. Byron Conerly, Owner of EAI, spearheaded the project: “In recent years, several MLB players have come out of Stetson University, so the stadium has been getting a lot of attention. It was time to put the attention on the audience”.



The goal of EAI was to transform Melching Field at Conrad Park into a modern facility. EAI chose loudspeaker systems from Fulcrum Acoustic because of their weather-resistant product offering, domestic availability, and legacy of installs at high-profile sports venues. 

For the loudspeakers, EAI focused on high-quality coverage with an emphasis on the audio and control on the field. CX826-WR compact coaxial loudspeakers were used on the smaller poles, GX1226-WR coaxial loudspeakers for the main press box, and FH1596-WR full-range coaxial horn loudspeakers for field coverage. The field never had audio coverage, so it was important to Conerly that the field have outstanding sound: “The new video system has audio tied to it, the lighting system has audio, so the field system needed to kick,” states Conerly.

With the enhanced audio system, there was also a requirement for an expansion of the distribution system. EAI selected APEX amplifiers to complement the Fulcrum Acoustic loudspeakers, choosing a pair of 4 x 1500W CloudPower CP1504s, plus a single 4 x 350W CloudPower CP354. “It was our first-time using APEX amps,” says Conerly. “We liked everything about it so far. The interface will do a lot. No matter what you need to connect to it, it will work.”  EAI installed wireless control connectivity to the audio console so it can be controlled on the field via iPad. The system was configured with various zones, allowing audio to be directed to specified areas and reducing unnecessary bleed. Custom presets enable easy reconfiguration of the system for different events and applications.

Both EAI and the customer were thrilled with the installation. “It sounds amazing,” says Conerly. “The Director of the City of DeLand Parks and Recreation was delighted. At the first practice, everyone was ecstatic with the install and how it’s working”. After renovations, Melching Field at Conrad Park in DeLand is now one of the premier baseball stadiums in the state of Florida. 


Project Details


DeLand, Florida, United States


Sports Venue


Entertainment Arts Inc [EAI]

APEX products

4 x CloudPower CP1504

1 x CloudPower CP354

Other equipment: 

8 x Fulcrum Acoustic CX8 – Compact 8” Coaxial Loudspeaker

7 x Fulcrum Acoustic GX12 – 12” Coaxial Loudspeaker

4 x Fulcrum Acoustic FH15 – Full-Range Coaxial Horn