Forming part of New Delhi’s iconic The Claridges hotel, AURA is a high-energy luxury hybrid bar, offering live entertainment, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. White Eagle Entertainment won the contract to supply and install a complete new audio system to reflect the quality and prestige of the venue.  


White Eagle Entertainment selected APEX CloudPower amplifiers for the project, including a pair of 4 x 350W CP354 amplifiers, plus a 4 x 700W CP704 and a single 4 x 3000W CP3004. The amplifiers power AURA’s loudspeaker system, chosen from the distinctive Pequod Acoustics range and including two Kona Storm monitor speakers, a pair of Ovoid subs, eight Zephyrus 5” coaxial speakers, and four Borea 12” subs.  A rackmount Soundcraft UI24R mixer provides compact, wireless control of the system.

“The APEX CloudPower amplifiers are a perfect fit for a high quality, cutting-edge venue like AURA,” comments White Eagle Entertainment Director, Arun Kalra. “I am very proud of the audio quality we have achieved in the venue. CloudPower has all the processing tools needed to optimize the system and the ability to control and monitor the amplifiers remotely has been a big time-saver for the team.”


Project Details

New Delhi, India

Bars & Restaurants

White Eagle Entertainment

APEX products
4 x CloudPower CP354 amplifiers

1 x CloudPower CP704 amplifier

1 x CloudPower CP3004 amplifier

Other equipment: 

8 x Pequod Acoustics Zephyrus 5″ coax speakers

2 x Pequod Acoustics Ovoid subs

2 x Pequod Acoustics Kona Storm monitor speakers

1 x Soundcraft UI24R mixing console