V1.3.3 Firmware Adds Status Monitoring, Remote Standby + CP716D Bridge Mode

CloudPower V1.3.3 builds on the recent V1.3.R firmware release and adds a number of popularly requested new features, including

– Bridge mode for CP716D

– Remote Standby mode for all CloudPower models in the IntelliCloud WebUI

– Remote Standby as a UDP command for external control

– Power stage status and temperature readouts added to the Status page

– Fault status information displayed on the front panel OLED screen

Key New Features in V1.3.3

– Bridge mode added for CP716D.

– Status page added to IntelliCloud WebUI Settings tab.

– Status icon added to IntelliCloud WebUI upper pane for fast access. 

– Status monitoring features: Temperature, Module Power Status (active/standby), Over Temperature Protection, Mains Voltage.

– Temperature, Standby and Status added to front panel About menu.

– Front panel indication when amplifier is in Standby mode, or if temperature exceeds 65 degrees, or if Over Temperature Protection is active.

– Amplifier stage power ON/OFF (standby) added to Output page of IntelliCloud WebUI Setting menu.

– New UDP commands for external control (in/out) of Standby mode.

– WebUI top channel background color reflects status (grey = OK / white grey = Standby / red = Over Temperature Protection.


Features added in V1.3.0.R

– Support for 4ch Dante module. The CloudPower Dante board is a plug and play module which is automatically routed to the DSP input. The module is pre-fitted to CP354D, CP704D, CP1504D and CP3004D amplifiers and is available as a retrofit kit for other CloudPower 4 channel models. 

– Support for 16ch Dante module. All CP716D amplifiers are pre-fitted with a Dante module which is automatically routed to the DSP input. 

– Local and IntelliCloud WebUI support for CP716D. Previously the IntelliCloud WebUI and CloudPower front panel display were configured to display information from four channel devices. 

– Single software supports all CloudPower products. The firmware is now identical for all CloudPower amplifiers.

– Lo-Z / Hi-Z mode switchable per channel. This mode automatically enables an appropriate high pass filter to avoid low frequency on a 70V/100V line. 

– Control all CloudPower models from the same UI. All CloudPower amplifiers are now properly displayed on the IntelliCloud WebUI. To work correctly together, all amplifiers must be running the same software version. 

– Display channel speaker preset. When loading a speaker preset from the IntelliCloud WebUI, the user can choose to overwrite the channel name.