MoSiR Sports Center is a newly constructed multifunctional stadium complex, providing a modern space for amateur and professional sports and recreation in the city of Katowice, Poland. It comprises an athletics arena, a full-size soccer pitch, a baseball field, plus a pair of multi-function courts for volleyball, handball, and basketball. Athletics facilities at the venue include a running track and dedicated areas for high jump, shot put, pole vaulting, and long jump events. A workout zone and cycle track complete the complex.

The center boasts three stands with a combined total of 500 seats, which accommodate audiences for major athletics events and football league matches. A press area is also available for journalists covering organized sports events.

The contract to design, deliver, and commission an audio system to meets the diverse needs of MoSiR Sports Center was awarded to Tommex, an established distributor of professional audio equipment known for their long track record of delivering high-profile stadium projects across Poland.



To provide audio coverage to every zone of this large and complex venue, Tommex selected a variety of RCF loudspeakers to fill numerous specific roles. Coaxial 15” P-series P 6215 speakers were employed in the athletics arena, with P 4228 2×8” speakers around the baseball field and 8” P 3108s for the multi-purpose courts. RCF MQ 80P indoor / outdoor loudspeakers were used throughout the stands, chosen for their IP55 weather protection rating, speech intelligibility and excellent music reproduction. Versatile DU 31 wall-mounted loudspeakers were installed inside the club building, where they are employed for voice messages and background music playback.

Tommex Key Account Manager, Tomasz Lulkiewicz, specified APEX CloudPower amplifiers for the project, including one CP3004D (4 x 3000W), one CP354D (4x 350W) and a pair of CP1504Ds (4 x 1500W), all featuring integral 4 input Dante modules. The ability of CloudPower amplifiers to drive low impedance and 70/100v speakers allowed Tommex to use them to power the many different speaker models deployed across the complex. Having specified CloudPower on previous stadium projects, Lulkiewicz was also confident that the amplifiers would optimise the audio quality achieved with the specialised outdoor RCF P-series speakers. With some loudspeakers located up to 200m from the amp room, the Tommex team appreciated the ability to control the amplifiers remotely over Ethernet using the IntelliCloud WebUI during commissioning and system tuning. 

The entire audio system is connected via a Dante network, with inputs and outputs routed via a Yamaha MTX5-D audio matrix, equipped with a PGM1 multi-zone microphone and DCP4V4SEU wall controller. A mobile sports commentary station allows commentators to stay close to the sporting action. The commentary station is equipped with a Yamaha MG 16 XU audio mixer, Sennheiser EW 100 wireless sets with both headset and handheld mics, a Denon DN-500CB audio player, ARX BLU-DI Bluetooth receiver and M-Audio BX5 listening monitor.


Project Details

Katowice, Poland

Sports Venues


APEX products
1 x CloudPower CP3004D
2 x CloudPower CP1504D
1 x CloudPower CP354D

Other equipment: 

RCF P 6215 loudspeakers
RCF P 4228 loudspeakers
RCF P 3108 loudspeakers
RCF MQ 80P loudspeakers
RCF DU 31 loudspeakers

Yamaha MTX5-D audio matrix
Yamaha DCP4V4SEU digital control panel
Yamaha PGM1 multi-zone microphone
Yamaha MG 16 XU audio mixer

Sennheiser EW 100 wireless sets
Denon DN-500CB audio player
ARX BLU-DI Bluetooth receiver
M-Audio BX5 listening monitor

Radio Design Labs 
DN-RN31 Dante interfaces
Audinate Dante AVIO adapters