APEX will showcase the feature-packed CloudPower V1.2 firmware release at Integrated Systems Europe (booth 7K200, Fira Barcelona, 10-13 May), including additions to the IntelliCloud remote WebUI. Among the standout new IntelliCloud features are a mixer facility offering 10 inputs for each amplifier channel, plus a handy built-in signal generator to assist with system setup and troubleshooting.

With the release of V1.2 firmware, CloudPower amplifiers can be controlled over a network using the UDP protocol, allowing greater integration with third party control systems such as AMX® and Crestron®. The new firmware further extends the depth of control accessible from the amplifier’s ‘one knob’ front panel UI, including hands-on access to parametric EQ, crossover, limiter, signal generator, and mixer functions, permitting fast configuration and easy operation. V1.2 also introduces new and enhanced tools for managing speaker presets.