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Apex (Audio Products of EXcellence), a name and logo synonymous for quality.

Apex has been active in the professional audio industry since 1990, with our first development being the PE-133, which uniquely combined a graphic equaliser and multiple parametric/notch filters in a single device. At the time of its release, our ParaGraphic equaliser was an absolute first in the market.

Our goal has always been to be innovative in design whilst striving for sonic excellence, both in the analogue and digital domains. Our design team consists of a mixture of experienced and young engineers.

System management processors
The Intelli-Series product range combines intuitive control software with fast and fully-featured system management processors. The Intelli-Series sets the new benchmark in system management and speaker processing design.
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Noise level control systems

The Apex SL-series is a set of tools to protect hearing, neighbours, the environment and equipment against excessive sound levels; without altering the sound programme. The concept behind the SL-series is to have two basic units, the Argos and the Hera. These can be used independently or combined to provide a fully featured sound levelling system.

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Installation and tour sound equipment
Simple to use, efficient and featuring our traditional detail to sonic quality and innovation, the dB-Series will handle the most demanding of situations for installers, sound engineers and musicians.
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Reference constant-Q graphic equalisers
Graphic equalisers are made of 15 or 30 band-pass filters, one for each 1/3 octave frequency. Conventional equaliser designs use standard discrete components to realise these band-pass filters. Apex GX- and PE- series achieved far better results by using hybrid circuits applying Dynamic Laser Trimming (DLT) technology.

DLT requires each filter of the graphic equaliser to be laser trimmed to match the acoustic transfer to the optimum ideal response. The result is a optimally controlled amplitude and phase response.

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Reference ParaGraphic constant-Q equalisers
Apex PE-Series equalisers are nothing less than a milestone in live sound equalising. PE-Series were the first to apply a combination of graphic and parametric equalisers in the same unit. This combination is still unsurpassed today.

The PE-series parametric filters allow for the creation of very narrow notch filters, up to -45 dB, to eliminate just the feedback frequency. Perfect frequency fine tuning is achieved with the unique “Vernier Control”. As a result, less colouration and a more natural sound !

PE-Series makes your sound better even under the poorest acoustic conditions.

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