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Pacha Club Mallorca decided for Intelli X²48

When considering the Pacha brand and its status within the clubbing
world today it's not difficult to comprehend that the first venue to bare
the name was over 40 years ago. However, put that into context and
acknowledge the longevity this iconic nightclub has achieved, it really
is quite a statement.

With franchises on every continent - many of which attract world class
DJ residencies - it's no wonder the sound systems are constantly upgraded
to keep each and every venue on top of its game. The owners
of Pacha in Mallorca recently instigated an audio system overhaul to
inject the venue with a new lease of life.

A new room - owned by Grupo Cursach Ocio, a major business group
which owns a number of entertainment venues in Mallorca - was incorporated
during the renovation. The new Funky Room and the Main
Room were redesigned with the aim of achieving a high quality sound
system that would provide ample coverage throughout the venue.
Barcelona-based Media-Sys was appointed to design and install the
new audio system having worked with Grupo Cursach Ocio on previous
occasions. A number of elements had to be considered during the
design process, mainly due to the unusual architecture of the building.
Media-Sys CEO, José Maria Foguet explained further: "We generated
a 3D model, which highlighted some dispersion and structural problems
that would occur when applying high levels of SPL in the room,
so we tried to find a solution that would be in keeping with the aesthetics."
After accessing various systems, locations, sound-absorbing
materials and frequency responses using EASE acoustic modelling
software, José and his team - lead by Media-Sys Project Engineer,
Héctor Cabot - found the perfect model.

Each room has an individual sound system - although they do share
audio processing - which is divided into different areas. On the dancefloor
in the Main Room, José and Héctor specified six Kling & Freitag
Sequenza 10W line array cabinets and four Kling & Freitag Sequenza
10B subwoofers for low-frequency extension. The DJ monitoring system
comprises two Kling & Freitag CA 1515-9 two-way loudspeakers
and a Kling & Freitag SWi 118E subwoofer, while 10 Kling & Freitag
CA 1215-9 cabinets are spread across the rest of the space to give
smooth coverage throughout.

Two Kling & Freitag CD 44 digital controllers provide loudspeaker
management for the Main Room, while a series of Lab.gruppen units
provide power, one Lab.gruppen FP 10000Q four-channel amplifier
with a regulated switch mode power supply, one Lab.gruppen C 48:4
high output amplifier and five Lab.gruppen fP3400 Class-TD amplifiers
were specified. In order to have signal distribution between the two rooms Media-Sys
opted for a Tendzone Timon 16 audio processor with a built-in preamplifier
circuit and DSP processing bus structure to produce high quality
sound. A Tendzone RC-MIX control panel increases the flexibility of
the system and makes connecting the two rooms straightforward.

José said: "The signal zoning and delays needed a control unit for fine
tuning adjustments and distribution, we decided to go for Apex Intelli-
X2 48 processors because of their high audio quality, musicality and
reliability." These units - which offer functionalities to both rooms - can
be integrated into any network easily due to their plug and play capabilities.
"Apex is dedicated to designing and manufacturing control and
adjustment professional audio tools that simply do what they have to
do with exquisite audio quality," explained Héctor.

The Funky Room uses similar products but has a slightly different
set-up. The dancefloor is equipped with two Kling & Freitag CA
1215-9 full range loudspeakers supplemented by two Kling & Freitag
SW215E high efficiency subwoofers. Two Kling & Freitag Sona 5
passive loudspeakers have been installed around the periphery, while
two Kling & Freitag CA 1001 enclosures and one Proel SW115A
subwoofer - which delivers a dynamic response at low frequencies -
take care of DJ monitoring. Héctor said of the Kling & Freitag system:
"During my career I have had the opportunity to install, test and adjust
sound systems from the best manufacturers in the world. All Kling
& Freitag products are of extreme quality. The performance is incredible
and unlike other so-called ‘big manufacturers', Kling & Freitag is
the one with better control of dispersion, better linearity between the
different models, the native frequency response is more balanced,
there's lower distortion in the high frequencies and the products have
longer durability."
C Series amplifiers from Lab.gruppen - one C 48:4 and one C 28:4 -
power the Funky Room system. This series was designed specifically
for the installation market boasting flexibility, reliability and powerto-
size ratio as key features. "Today, when you buy a Lab.gruppen
amplifier, you're buying the best performance in all aspects - power,
damping, stability, performance, response amplitude and wave control,"
continued Héctor.

The DJ booth at Pacha boasts a set-up of an Allen & Heath Xone:92
analogue mixer, six Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus multiplayers and one
Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus mixer, products which are popular on DJ
riders and all of which were chosen by owner, Grupo Cursach Ocio to
cater for the club's international DJ line-up. Two Technics SL-1210
Mk5 turntables, an E&S DJR 400 mixer and an E&S 2X 3004 dual
thee-band isolator complete the DJ kit.
Possibly the biggest challenge during the installation was matching
the sound quality not only to the internationally respected brand of
Pacha but also to the rest of the venues owned by Grupo Cursach Ocio.

It took some modification by an electro acoustician - as
opposed to architectural changes - but with a committed team with a
shared goal, José is confident of the final outcome. Héctor concluded
with his praise for the people and the products that made this
project happen: "Firstly, thank you to Grupo Cursach Ocio especially
Technical Director, José Maymo Genthe and Manager, Tolo Sbert for
the trust they placed with us once again.
"And thanks to Kling & Freitag especially Jürgen Freitag, for manufacturing
products that make me a better professional every day, and
for the effort they have made in this particular case, producing the
whole system in just four days to support us and our client in a very
tight schedule."

Picture and Article credits to Mondo Dr.

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