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Club Enzo Turned to Intelli X²48

The city of Nanjing, China, is the capital of the Jiangsu Province
and resides on the south bank of the Yangtze River. The metropolis
boasts historical and cultural heritage but in more recent years
has undergone modernisation in terms of transport, hospitality and
An area that epitomises the fusion of old and new is Nanjing 1912,
a block comprising more than 17 architecturally stunning buildings
situated alongside the Presidential Palace. In more recent years
these historically charmed buildings have been filled with shops,
restaurants, bars and clubs, transforming this block into a vibrant
nightlife hotspot.

One of the most recent additions to Nanjing 1912 is Club Enzo, an
875 sq metre entertainment venue owned and operated by Nanjing
Trendsetter Entertainment Management (NTEM).
After considering and comparing a number of sound systems, NTEM
approached Real Music Acoustic & Lighting Technology to specify an
Adamson sound system to meet the requirements of the club's hip
hop style. A total of 16 Adamson M212 stage monitors are reverse
mounted on the ceiling to cover the stage area. The M212's offer
precise pattern control, high output, exceptionally low distortion and
a very wide dispersion angle, everything that is required for this club
For the lounge area 42 Adamson Point 15-P passive loudspeakers -
the largest loudspeakers in the Point Series - have been installed due
to their ability to combine high power, high fidelity and high SPLs.
The combination of these monitors and loudspeakers equips each
and every seat in the venue with at least two direct sound points.
For low frequency extension on the dancefloor and lounge area, Real
Music Acoustic & Lighting Technology selected 32 Adamson Point
215 subwoofers - the perfect accompaniment to the Adamson Point
15-Ps - with a further six Adamson T21 bass cabinets installed strategically
to provide more low frequency energy throughout the rest of the space.

The T21's are capable of minimising harmonics and distortion,
while increasing efficiency, lowering turbulence and reducing
compression at high SPLs. As is quite usual for Chinese nightclubs,
high SPL was a priority but NTEM was keen to achieve that without
compromising on clarity. Club Enzo can reach a maximum SPL of
130dB and at the same time can maintain +/- 3dB uniformity across
the venue.
Real Music Acoustic & Lighting Technology General Manager, Richie
Wang explained why he believes NTEM chose an Adamson sound
system. He said: "The system provides excellent sound quality and
dynamics throughout the venue, boosting the enthusiasm of club
members and making Club Enzo stand out on the 1929 block."

For processing at Club Enzo, Real Music Acoustic & Lighting
Technology turned to Apex's Intelli-X2 48 processors. The Intelli-X2
processors were selected for their plug and play capabilities, meaning
they are very easy to incorporate into any audio system design. "They
are exceptionally powerful and flexible, deliver fantastic quality sound
and are also remarkably straightforward to install and program,"continued Richie.
The three Apex Intelli-X2 48 units provide a total of 24 DSP channels,
four of which are used by the Adamson M212 monitors spilt into
two groups, while the Adamson Point 15-P loudspeakers require 12
channels and the remaining eight are utilised by the Adamson Point
215 subwoofers. The Intelli-X2 48 processors are equipped with
wireless access points, allowing wireless control over WiFi, a convenient
tool for programming the sound field at Club Enzo.
Richie said: "The sound at Club Enzo has really impressed everybody,
not least the owners, who are dedicated to building China's very best
nightclubs, using Apex processors is an important part of achieving

To power the Adamson enclosures more than 40 Camco amplifiers
were chosen, six Camco Vortex 8, four Camco Vortex 3 and 35
Camco Vortex 6. The Vortex Series of amplifiers deliver low distortion
values and impressive signal to noise ratios. Each model offers transparency
and precision and thanks to their unique power regime they
are capable of switching between different loudspeaker configurations
depending on what is required by the club at any given time. The Vortex
Series also feature a built-in remote control system for added flexibility.
Richie said of the amplifiers: "They can be monitored through
the network, so all the amplifiers in the system can be monitored and
analysed on one computer in real time."
Completing the new audio line-up at Club Enzo is a Yamaha LS9-32
digital mixer. NTEM wanted a fully digital system (although there is
an analogue system in place for back-up) from the very beginning so
a digital console choice made perfect sense. The Yamaha LS9-32
features 32 mic / line inputs and four stereo inputs, which can be
expanded up to 64 channels using pre-amps if required. It also comprises
16 mix buses, eight matrix buses as well as stereo and mono
buses plus a Virtual Rack, which is packed with a comprehensive
range of effects. The console's extensive range of features - coupled
with the rest of the new audio set-up - means Club Enzo is ready to
entertain its customers night after night. 

Credits of picture and article to Mondo Dr.

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