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APEX SL-Series at Rock In Japan Festival

In a field event and a concert, noise pollution sometimes becomes a problem.
Also in Japan, the number of claim from the neighborhood is increasing these days.
Without exception, noise pollution at Rock In Japan Festival is also regarded as important matter, and APEX Hera which performs volume surveillance and more, was used both at Lake and Grass stage.
This time maximum 100 dB at FOH seat position was a target level.

It was used in a simple combination this time.
Hera was used with rack-mounted type display monitor named "LETO" which shows the measured sound level instantly.

Hera, will not only log the equivalent continuous and peak sound level pressure over a time period, but Hera will also detect and log the attempts of system tampering

Setting Leto in conspicuous position like this time, the operator can see them easily, and they can care more about sound leakage.

Hera can be used by itself, but it's even more powerful using together with Argos as a sound level limiter,
The Argos will then be slaved onto the Hera's measurement and threshold.

With increasing concern about noise pollution in Japan, we are sure that Argos and Hera play an active part from now.

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