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  • Peter Claes
  • Intelli-X² 48

Intelli-Power unleashed for Hooverphonic and Orchestra

2011 was an amazing year for Hooverphonic with their album "The Night Before" going beyond double platinum and receiving multiple awards. But 2012 will be THE year their biggest dream comes true. After an impressive 15-year career with plenty of hit singles, Hooverphonic felt that it was finally time to perform the songs the way they were meant to be when they wrote them: with a large symphonic orchestra.

Peter Claes, FOH engineer, mixed the concert with an analogue console and his personal microphone and outboard collection. The orchestra was premixed by Werner Pensaert and sent to the FOH desk in stereo groups. To get grip on the sound of the closed system, Peter Claes used the APEX Intelli-X² 48 system management processor.

"By using this unit I reach a very natural sound which I can easily control" says Peter Claes. "I use the Intelli-X² 48 to manage the delays and the system EQ. I measure the sound with WaveCapture, so I really appreciate the full integration of it in the Intelli-Ware. Everything is connected analogue to the FOH desk. Afterwards the sound is converted to AES via a HEDD for extra coloration, goes into the Intelli-X² 48 and is then digitally (AES) connected to the sound system. Because I bypass the SRC of the Intelli-X² 48, I have just one conversion in the total signal flow."

Claes ends: "As result, the Apex Intelli-X²48 really broadens the stereo image of the sound, especially in 96kHz."

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