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Apex Intelli-X2 Processors Are Ready An’ Willing With Whitesnake

33 years after forming, blues rockers-turned-Stateside superstars Whitesnake continue to record and tour, with the hard rocking, tongue-in-cheek innuendo of frontman David Coverdale still entertaining legions of fans. A recent six-date tour of Japan saw the band inviting fans from across the country to Come An' Get It, with Apex Intelli-X2 processors ensuring that the sound gave no Trouble.

Promoting their latest album Forevermore, the six-piece played dates in Osaka, Okayama, Miyuzaki, Nagoys and two in Tokyo. Four Apex Intelli-X2 processors were supplied by Apex's Japanese distributor Audiobrains to sound rental company MSI Japan, a fellow member of the MSI Japan Holdings group.

"The shows used Martin Audio's MLA system as the main house PA, together with MLX subs and W8LM cabinets for fills," says Yusuke Karato of Audiobrains. "We controlled the system using two laptops, one for the MLA and the other for the rest of the system."

The Intelli-X2 processors were used as system crossovers and for signal processing, set up with the main L/R signals coming into inputs A and B, with Outputs 1 and 2 going to the MLA, 3 and 4 for the subs and 5 and 6 for the W8LMs.

The Apex units are ideal for this purpose, providing unmatched audio performance, high quality IIR and FIR based crossovers and all the system management tools necessary for comprehensive system alignment and EQ.

Designed to be ‘plug and play', a comprehensive preset library means that configuring and integrating them into any audio system is very straightforward. Intelli-X² I/O can also be selected (in pairs) to be either analogue or AES3/EBU, enabling a mix of audio formats to be used simultaneously. Wireless access points can also be directly connected to Intelli-X² devices allowing direct control over a wireless network.

"The Intelli-X2 processors sound fantastic," says Yusuke. "We also used them to measure the rooms using Wave Capture, which meant that we didn't have to use a third laptop."

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