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  • Junior Song Festival 2011
  • Junior Song Festival 2011

Apex Processors Deliver Sweet Sound At Junior Eurovision Song Contest

December saw 13 acts from across Europe convene on the Armenian capital Yerevan for the ninth Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Won by Georgian ‘girl group' Candy, a pair of Apex Intelli-X2 processors ensured that the sound hit the sweet spot throughout.

The show took place at the Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex on 3rd December. Stockholm-based Electrosound AB used the venue's Meyer audio system to deliver the front of house sound, but brought all their own electronics and processing equipment, including a pair of Apex Intelli-X2 processors.

"We used the Intelli-X2 processors because they have dynamics processing on the inputs and outputs, a more flexible matrix and much better options for creating and controlling crossovers," says Electrosound's Brollan Söderström.

"They fit my way of working. I'm not forced to used fixed, inflexible speaker modelling, which means I can deliver the best possible sound."

Brollan had the two units configured as a six in / 12 out matrix, outputs 7+8 from the first unit feeding AES audio to the second, where two further inputs were added.

"There were two AES inputs and four analogue inputs from the mix," he says. "The main left and right clusters took four channels of outputs, each being divided into upper and lower sections, plus two channels for left and right side hangs, three channels of frontfills and two channels for the subs, run in mono and configured as an ‘end fire' cardioid array. Finally, there were two outputs to feed the lighting engineer's nearfills.

"The Intelli-X2 units made for a hassle-free show, it is a true ‘set and forget' product. They also ensured that the show's sound was great - I had comments from staff at the venue that they had never before heard the rig sounding so good."

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