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  • Peter Claes (FOH) and Peter Philips (Sys tech)
  • Peter Philips (Sys tech)

Milk Inc with APEX Intelli-X²48 and K1

Fifteen years after La Vache became a huge hit in France and the UK, the dynamic outfit played three sell-out nights in Antwerp an impressive combination of three Intelli-X²s and L-Acoustics K1 arrays supplied by Philippo Audio provided the beats and bass.

"The idea to bring Milk Inc with a live band came six years ago," remembers Peter Claes, the band's FOH engineer and sound designer. "Initially, we used analogue consoles, but we switched to digital three years ago. Throughout the process we were constantly looking for a processor offering both a friendly user interface for EQ'ing, and an uncomplicated matrix distribution."

Claes says with today's amplification going beyond the ‘traditional' L/R, main PA, 16 K1-SB plus 16 SB-28 for sub array, 54 KUDO for outfill/delay plus 18 KARA for frontfill, is controlled via a tablet PC using dedicated Intelli-X² software. "During soundcheck and the show I take the tablet with Intelli-Ware and integrated Live Capture round the Sportpaleis to adjust the cluster levels, delay times and equalising," adds Peter Philips, system engineer with Milk Inc." My job is to have an identical sound throughout the venue, and this works so much easier than having to do the processing at the LA8 amplifiers."

Milk Inc is using a Digidesign Profile console as FOH desk and a DiGiCo SD 10 on monitors - last year, Claes was offered a prototype Intelli-X² 48, without software, to work with during similar Milk Inc concerts in Antwerp. "Since then, we've done a lot of A/B testing and the X² just excels - actually it should be a standard feature as system EQ in the peripherals rack," he enthuses.

"A big advantage is that the Intelli-X² in our setup is using three clock sources: the main system's Big Ben word clock - in case of failure, there's the AES clock directly from the Digidesign console and, as a final backup, the Intelli-X²'s internal clocking. As long as we don't switch to the Intelli-X² internal clock, all sample rate converters are bypassed, and there's no loss in resolution."

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