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APEX (Audio Products of EXcellence): our name and logo are synonymous for quality. Based in Belgium, GiVa is a company active in the development and manufacture of both digital and analogue audio equipment for performance conscious customers in the touring and installation industry.

Our brand Apex has been active in the professional audio industry since 1991, with our first development being the PE-133. The PE-133 was a combination of graphic and parametric equaliser/notch filters aimed at the live performance market. At the time of its release, our ParaGraphic equaliser was an absolute first in the market.

Graphic and parametric equalisers existed, but the combination of the two in one unit offered interesting new possibilities for fine tuning sound systems. The circuitry of the PE-Series has now been upgraded with the implementation of hybrid laser trimmed circuits. This circuitry still proves to be the most accurate when compared to the competition and many customers are using the PE-Series throughout the world.

Our main goal has always been to be innovative in design, whilst striving for sonic excellence both in the analogue and digital domains.

Our design team consists of a mixture of experienced and young engineers, all of them with a background in either professional audio or extensive experience in designing electronic audio equipment. Our designers are all passionate about realising quality solutions, both in terms of features (providing solutions to market needs) and audio performance.

Apex has always been on the leading edge of creating innovative products. The combination of graphic and parametric equalisers in the PE-series was a world first. The SL-Series (Sound Leveller Series) offers unsurpassed features to all users who are concerned with level hearing protection. Combining graphic equaliser, shelving and notch filters as in the dBQ-Zero make it an easy to use but very powerful tool. The new Intelli-series are high end digital system management processors, made to be future-proof with a maximum sample rate of 192kHz. And we promise, we will not stop here...

The majority of Apex products are manufactured in Belgium with dedicated subcontractors delivering subassemblies to the highest standards. To assure maximum Quality Control procedures are in place, final assembly and testing are carried out in-house. The dB-Series of products are outsourced to manufacturers in the Far East. Our partners there also meet our high quality standards. Apex products manufactured in Far East undergo detailed quality control procedures, first being fully tested and QC'd after production and then a final QC inspection upon arrival at our premises in Belgium.